How frequently do you ship?

Orders are shipped out twice a week. If for whatever reason there is a delay sending orders out, it will be announced on our social media outlets.


Why is there no tracking option for my order?

As much as we would love to offer a tracking service for our items, the rates aren't a feasible option and in most cases are near $50 per parcel. We opt to choose a more convenient option, which is both affordable and arrives in a timely manner.


If you're sending stickers out in envelopes, then won't they get bent in transit?

We take GREAT care sending out our stickers. We use a cardboard stock in every envelope to ensure your LMTBRK merchandise survives the trip.


I'm having issues placing an order with PayPal!

Unfortunately, any problems regarding payments or PayPal no working correctly, is completely out of our hands. It is a third-party program that will need to be taken care of with the corresponding bank and/ or with PayPal.


I'm having trouble peeling my sticker! Help?!

We use a High-Tac embossed transfer tape on all of our diecuts. Even still, some finishes are more stubborn than others. It helps to put the decal face down, burnish (run something flat like a Credit Card or squeegee) over the back, and peel the backing from the transfer tape. It may take several passes, and some finesse, but that should assist stubborn decals. Most importantly; be patient with the application. Some of the finer detailed diecuts take a lot longer to apply, so just take it easy. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! LMTBRK is not responsible for damage to the sticker during application.


My Sticker won't stick to the surface I'm applying it to!

The biggest factor to having yourself a perfect looking finished product is to prepare the surface. Using rubbing alcohol on the chosen area will help you towards having an easy application. Stickers generally work best for glass, smooth plastic, and other similar smooth surfaces. Avoid application on textured surfaces, as there is a good chance of the sticker lifting. Additionally, the adhesive can be temperature sensitive. We strongly advise keeping the sticker in a cool dry place to prevent adhesive degradation until ready for application. All of our products are dry application only.